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Buying a Property?

Vacation property has doubled in value within the past years. For a potential buyer of a vacation property, the cost of entry can be too high.

There is a high demand for many to own a vacation property for pleasure and future retirement, rental , or investment . But buying a recreational property can be a minefield for many reasons, as there can be complex tax, legal, estate planning, insurance, and investment issues to consider.

When investing thousands of dollars in a recreational property you will need to do your due diligence and seek solid advice. Peachtree Management will provide you with practical and helpful services, creative and strategic options to consider, and pitfalls to avoid.

Peachtree Management will provide with the insights to help you save money, make money and strengthen the quality of your decision-making. This will provide the peace of mind that comes from following an informed and strategic plan.

If you already own a vacation home or anticipate inheriting one, you will learn valuable legal, tax, and estate planning strategies to preserve and protect your property asset.